Atheist? Agnostic? Freethinker? No label at all?

Why you should register with the American Secular Census.

YOU are the most important part of a new movement to build a national registry of real data about real Secular Americans. The American Secular Census℠ is open to all U.S. citizens and permanent residents over 18 years of age who are skeptical of supernatural claims, regardless of self-identification or affiliation.

Why a secular census?

Mainstream surveys of religious belief, identity and affiliation are designed to poll diverse populations and are most useful for analyzing broad patterns among respondents. Because they lack detail about individual subgroups, these surveys often provide conflicting, dubious or incomplete information about the secular population.

More specifically, some surveys look at the absence of supernatural beliefs only after filtering by religious affiliation or identity. As a result, affiliated nontheists and unaffiliated believers may be inaccurately characterized.

With your help, the American Secular Census will shrink the knowledge gap. Designed specifically for Secular Americans, with instant Web access, each Census can be updated as frequently as needed to keep a registrant's viewpoints and demographics current. The American Secular Census holds the power to build the most accurate, timely, and evidence-based profile of the secular population in the United States.

What is the potential?

As a centrally accessible collection and reference point for information about America's secular population - and with the ability to accommodate both full and anonymous registrations - the American Secular Census provides an opportunity for Secular Americans to stand up and be counted regardless of self-identity, "out" status, or organizational membership. A comprehensive national data registry finally makes it possible to offer empirically informed responses to questions like

Does the secular voting bloc favor a particular political party? Which candidate will this population support in the next presidential election?

How many Secular Americans live in [this] Congressional district? Where do they stand on [these specific] issues?

Are there significant viewpoint, self-identity, or affiliation differences between secular men and women?

How common is a religious affiliation among Secular Americans? What motivates nontheistic individuals to participate in congregational communities and faith groups?

Why should you register?

Simply by taking the time to provide information about yourself and your opinions, you become a living part of a continuously updated body of data that will reveal trends within the Secular American population to society, the media, politicians, and researchers. We believe all Secular Americans will benefit from the knowledge made possible by this new effort.

You'll also receive e-mail updates and gain access to a variety of 3rd party resources that will make you a more informed secular citizen and voter: data about your Congresspersons' committee assignments, bill sponsorships, largest campaign contributors, and more.

Ready to get started?

We encourage you to tour the other pages in this section first:

Once you're sure you're ready to register, click here to sign up.

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